Kim Bromley

My Approach

My unique approach draws on over two decades of experience and my training in treatments such as integrative counselling, hypnotherapy and yoga, as well as my work as a life and wellbeing coach. This allows me to be flexible and creative as I support you through life’s challenges.

I am constantly building upon my training to ensure I am offering you the best treatment possible. This means that I can draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience when I create a personalised treatment plan just for you.

My approach has lasting effects. I will help you to uncover your underlying issue and find a way to make long-term changes by creating a unique package of care that you can take away with you to support yourself.

Working with me

I want you to feel at ease, which is why my therapy sessions are relaxed and informal. I will never judge you; I am only here to help you heal and make positive changes.

With your consent, we will work together to establish the best approach to give you the support you need. We will gently create a step by step plan for your needs. Specific tools and techniques may be used within the session for you to practise in your ‘real-life’ setting. Which creates a solid foundation for you. We may set specific goals to support you to release anxiety, worries, phobias or concerns.

As you progress, each session we have together will be different. Perhaps you would like on-going support where you book in a session that covers talking (counselling) about the past, possibly another session my include specific relaxation techniques and skills.

We will work always work at your pace and you will learn a bespoke set of tools to help you cope with any challenges that may arise in the future.

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Registered Charity Number: 1194399