Hannah Louise

I am a qualified life coach who has been working with adults and adolescents in East Sussex for over 5 years. I can offer one-to-one sessions and whole family sessions as appropriate for your family. As a first step I offer a free no-obligation consultation where we examine the factors which are affecting you and your family and we decide how coaching can work best for you.

For children and adolescents, growing up in a family which is affected by mental health issues can bring extra challenges. I can teach young people strategies to increase their personal resilience and self-esteem, and help them to understand and manage both their own emotions and those of the people around them. I can also help young people to deal with the pressures of peers and social interactions, school demands, and all the other natural difficulties that growing up can bring. I have significant experience in supporting young people who are experiencing bullying, anxiety and overwhelm. Coaching is most effective for older children aged around 10+ and I can help you decide if coaching will be effective for your child.

I work with parents and carers to help them maintain their own wellbeing. Supporting someone who has a mental health issue can be stressful and demanding. I can support you to build healthy and enjoyable relationships, manage your work/life balance and improve your resilience. I can help you to feel in control and supported and also give you the tools you need to best support each member of your family through this journey.