Emily Heseltine

Hello & welcome. I work as a Person-Centred counsellor, offering emotional support to both adults and young people.

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes…

I believe people have the ability, to find their own way through life but there are times where trying to manage everything on your own can feel overwhelming and having some support and acknowledgement of what you’re going through can help.

It might be that you are struggling to make sense of things or see a clear way forward and I appreciate it can sometimes feel difficult to open up to friends or family for fear of being judged, not meeting expectations or being offered unhelpful advice.

How can counselling be helpful?

My warm and empathic nature allows me to offer a safe and supportive space where I will invite you at your own pace to open up about things that are troubling you. Together we can look at the different things that may impact on how you are and what you do. Talking to someone who sees things from your perspective and who really listens can help you to develop a clearer understanding of your experiences so that you feel more able to make changes and choices in your life that are best for you.

Common problems counselling can help with:

  • Anxiety & stress School/college/work pressures
  • Panic & fear Sadness/grief/loss
  • Feeling depressed Relationship/family difficulties
  • Low self- esteem Parenting challenges
  • Anger/frustration

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Registered Charity Number: 1194399